Attention: important changes to TraceView

On Monday January 4th, the default behavior of the installation script,, is being changed to include a new process called 'sequencer', which performs network monitoring. See it in action on the overview map.

The sequencer is automatically installed along with the other TraceView base packages:

  • New TraceView installs will automatically get the sequencer.
  • For existing installs, download a fresh copy of re-run and run it; the sequencer is not a Tracelyzer dependency so merely updating it will not cause the sequencer to be installed.
  • If you installed TraceView manually for linux rather than via our install script, those instructions have been updated as well.
  • For windows, you'll need to download and run a fresh copy of the Tracelyzer installer. You'll see a new option for installing the sequencer that will be pre-selected. Similarly for command line install, re-run the executable and the sequencer will be installed automatically.
The sequencer process runs as root. It also requires outbound connections to additional AppNeta servers so you'll need to revisit your firewall and proxy settings.

This new process adds unparalleled network performance visibility and we highly recommend that you install it. It's included free with your TraceView licenses—no hidden fees, or new budget to get approved. But, if you don’t want to enable network performance monitoring an option is provided to exclude the sequencer during the installation.

If you install TraceView using a pre-configured image/AMI, see the installation instructions before you run the script, as there are special requirements.

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Recent doc updates

February 3, 2016
  • CS: Release notes are up for the forthcoming bi-weekly service upgrade at /release.
  • TV: Release notes are up for the latest node.js patch at /traceview-release-notes.
February 1, 2016
  • TV: Published /scala and java release notes at /trace-view-release-notes.
January 28, 2016
  • TV: Release notes are up for the latest node.js patch at /traceview-release-notes.
  • TV: Combined thrift and libcurl pages into one page at /other.
  • TV: Removed the jruby sections from /ruby and redirected them to /jruby.
January 27, 2016
  • TV: Release notes for php 1.5.4 are up at /traceview-release-notes.
  • TV: Updated /php and /support-matrix for php 7 support.
  • TV: /ruby was missing some config options for sidekiq, resque, and delayedjob.
January 26, 2016
  • TV: Release notes for ruby 3.4.2 are up at /traceview-release-notes.
  • TV: Clarification on where to find background job traces at /ruby.
  • TV: Fixed incorrect path to sequencer id at /installation-overview.
January 22, 2016
  • CS: Clarified that the day and time that scheduled reports are delivered cannot be customized.
  • CS: Instructions on how to get appliance debug logs are at /manage-appliances.
  • CS: Supported operating systems for the software sequencer are at /software-sequencers.
  • AV: Definitions for 'blocking', 'waiting', 'receiving', are at /web-monitors.
  • PV: New article at /pathview-voice about cloud-based voip providers.
  • CS: Supported wireless auth methods have been added to /physical-appliances.
  • TV: Formatting error on /use-traceview.
  • TV: Removed unnecessary highlighting in PHP API gist.
  • TV: Fixed typo in JRE section of /platform-and-component-support.
  • TV: Explicitly linked to the ruby api on /ruby.
  • TV: Updated agent.hideParams at /java.
  • PV: Cleared up instructions on how to schedule a PathView report at /reports.
  • PV: Fixed a typo in the PathView Voice and Video section of /ports-and-protocols.
  • TV: Changes to the still unreleased akka config parameter at /java.
January 21, 2016
  • CS: Small correction to instructions on how to move an appliance on /manage-appliances.
  • TV: Fixed up the custom section at /java.
January 18, 2016
  • TV: Release notes for the latest node.js instrumentation are up at /traceview-release-notes.
  • CS: Release notes for the forthcoming service upgrade are up at /release.
  • CS: Release notes for the latest appliance software are up at /release.
  • FV: Updated the FlowView setup instructions for r45.
  • TV: Cleaned up /acccounts which includes more details on user roles and billing.
  • TV: Partitions names are subject to character limitations. This section has been updated in all languages.
  • CS: Appliances do not boot while a USB stick is plugged in. The relevant sections have been updated on /manage-appliances.
January 7, 2016
  • TV: Ruby release notes for 3.4.1 are up.
January 6, 2016
  • CS: Release notes for the forthcoming AppNeta service update are up at /release/latest.
January 4, 2016
  • TV: The websphere section at /java as been split out into two sections one for windows and one for linux.
  • TV: Sections for akka actor and spray-can have been added to /java for the forthcoming release.
  • TV: The java section in /platform-and-component-support has been updated for the forthcoming release.
  • TV: Play instructions at /java have been updated to reflect support or sbt/activator.
  • TV: sbt and activator install instructions have been added to /java.
  • TV: The nodejs install instructions has been updated to include package dependencies.
  • TV: All instrumentation languages have been updated to include partition naming requirements.
  • TV: Ruby 3.4.0 release notes are up along with corresponding updates to the /platform-and-component-support.
  • TV: Published /traceview-incident-response.